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between the u.s. and china. abc7 news reporter alan wang has a preview. >> 8,000 8,000 tera cotta warris have been unearthed, but this is the onlyis general. >> i enjoyed looking at the faces. they are all different. >> tonight was the gala opening of the exhibit that coincides with the last public appearance before returning to china. he hopes the exhibit will strengthen u.s.-chinese relations and attract more american students to his country. >> how many people from the private sector are supporting these initiatives? >> only a few war yes, -- warriors are visiting the u.s. they were created by artists some 2,000 years ago after china's first emperor unified the seven waring states and requested a army terra-cotta ary for his afterlife. there are hundreds of archers, but only one with green paints on his face. historians believe he was a military specialist who could communicate with divine spirits. >> the other warriors are specialists that are for the future of the battle. >> if you went to china to see the actual dig, you would have to stand at least 30 feet away from these figures.
contact with roommates. >> ama: the u.s. embassy in peru released a kidnapping warning for merges and is working with the local authorities to find the couple. a $3,000 reward has been off erred. >> a tri-city gun buyback was so popular many people were left hanging on to guns they no longer wanted. the event involved palo alto, east palo alto, and menlo park. police paid hundred for hand guns and 300 for assault weapons. one man collected $1,400. >> a duck hunter, and i've been hunting since i was ten years old. a lot of these and shotguns, we department use -- you don't use rifles for duck hunts but i also deer hunt. i just decided don't want to collect guns anymore. >> in palo alto, the group, protect the children, which raised the money for the buyback, held an antigun rally. the pa $2,000 collected was gong many people in line what wanted to sell their guns. >> san francisco fire crews are credited with stopping a house fire that raced through this house. one person was rescued from the second level of the home and was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. the cause o
was imported to the u.s. and then quickly taken off shelves. >> i myself am a mother and have two small children. i feel confident in the safety of the meat supply in this country. >> meat industry representatives and cal poly professor says there is a risk for contamination in beef that has been needled, but how big a risk is still in question. they want the government to study that issue before moving forward with a label. >> there is certainly nothing wrong with giving people information as long as it doesn't unduly frighten them about the products they consume. thg warning labels on meat products. >> the usda estimates 18% of all steaks and roasts in the u.s. are tenderized. that includes meats sold in grocery stores. but according to one trade group, the 18% is a low estimate. the north american meatsays thee association says they surveyed just one part of the market. the hotel and the restaurant trade and they found 80 to 90% of the beef served there is mechanically tenderized. even though it is so prevalent they won't commit without the risk of study. >> we are not ready to say i
was imported to the u.s. that quickly taken off shelves. >> i myself am a mother. 2 small children and i am confident in the safety of the meat supply in the country. >> meat industry representative and cal polly professor lynn says there is a risk for contamination in beef needled but just how big a risk is still in question. they want the government to study that issue before moving forward with the label. >> certainly nothing wrong with giving people information as long as it doesn't unduly frighten them about the product that they consume. they are already warning labels safe handling labels on meat product at the retail level. >> usda estimates 18 percent of all stake and roast in the u.s. are tenderize. that includes meat sold in grocery stores. but according to one trade group that 18 percent is a low estimate. the north american meat association says they survey just one part of the market. hotel and restaurant trade and found 80 to 90 percent of the beef served there is mechanically tenderize even though so prevalent he says the industry won't commit to labels without that ris
try to kidnap u.s. tourist. nobody is sure what happened to the couple the threat enough for local high school to cancel student trip to peru. video on peru television shows hand and neal taking a bus to lima on january 26. about the time they vanished facebook activity suddenly stopped. >> just hanging in there you don't know what you don't know. by faith holding on that they are okay. >>reporter: from the home in concord, hands family keeping an eye on any tip and information about the case. >> somebody knows where they are. and we want them to come home safely. anything anybody can do to help to us get them home safely we appreciate. >>reporter: oakland couple both 25 years old on 6 month bike tour of the region. spokesperson for the state department says peru authorities report the 2 were seen in the amazon renal as late as midy february. nobody knows their status the threat of rid napping in peru prompted 2 east bay hay school to ns ka el student trips. bentley school in lafayette has hosted trips to pe are you in the pas past. but two week ago they pulled the plug on
them to live and work in the u.s. and holders could apply for legal residency or a green card within eight years and after being granted a green card they could apply for citizenship. but advocates say they can't fully support the president's proposal. >> i feel like we do support some parts. but some parts we don't. >> they say the plan's major problem is that it doesn't guarantee a pathway to citizenship, and it doesn't adequately deal with future immigrants. republican lawmakers raised some of the same concerns and added others. >> by putting these details out without addressing the future flow and by giving advantage to those who came here legally, not dealing with border security adequately, that tells us he is looking for a partisan advantage. >> marco rubio who is working on a senate plan put out a statement saying this proposal is dead on arrival. the white house says this plan would only be pitched if lawmakers don't act quickly. >> he says it is dead on arrival if proposed. let's make sure it is not proposed. >> abc7 news. >>> san francisco police reveal the same man may ha
of all. >> you took forever. >> second of all. >> u.s. soldier know who you are talking to. >> are you getting in my face you step forward to me i didn't step forward to you. >>reporter: at this point what would you do? a try to diffuse the situation. perhaps explain why it took 45 minutes to arrive.. b direct the victim to step back. have a seat on the curb and assure him you are there to help or c smack him in the head. >> i know who i'm talking to and you are down do you understand that? so you are talking to a united states marine. do you understand that? >> i'm a u.s. soldier. >> you are talking to a marine so i suggest you never step the up an8&é in my face again when i'm talking to you do you understand me. >>reporter: i tracked down the victim on the video blake roychbility seeing this now brings back the anger frustration that i felt that day when the people that were there that were supposed to come to help me were there to attack me. >> hi never seen the video before. brought back a flood of emotion. >> let's start over. >> the action stops. he 2 officers the 2 offic
is bringing 34,000 troops home from afghanistan. and by the end of next year the u.s. war in afghanistan will be over. carolyn? >> mark matthews reporting for us. >>> the first lady's guest list shows how much of a focus jobs are in the president's second term. apple's ceo tim cook was among a group of tech innovators and entrepreneurs. cook has committed to bringing mac computer manufacturing back to the u.s. this year. the republicans had their own guests in the crowd. ted nugent, a representative from texas invited the rock star who is a staunch gun. advocate. not to be outdone, nancy pelosi invited singer tony bennett who last weekrock on chris rock on capitol hill to push for gun control. >>> the state of the unidress cf social media buzz, as you can imagine. 42 most tweeted minutes into the address when he spoke about opportunity for the middle class and minimum wage. twitter reports that members of congress sent 637 tweets. overall a total of 1.36 million tweets about the address and response sent while they were happening compared to 787,000 tweets last year. "nightline" will hav
branch of the u.s. military. biggest lie yet came when vest tried to con front dick face-to-face. >> he was the one that actually shot osama bin laden. >>reporter: you bought that. >> no. i knew that this was a charade at that point. there was no question about it. >>reporter: let me talk to you about your navy seal back ground. >> i don't have a navy seal background. >>reporter: you told people that didn't you. >> no i did not. >>reporter: when i tracked him down to southern california last week he wouldn't stop long enough to look at the information i compiled on him. all the phoney facebook pos postings e-mails with tall tal tale. fake discharge papers. the contract he signed with vest guarantee he's a navy see. you have a lane of people claim it you scam them out of a lot of money. >> no. >>reporter: aj next target the carson city, nevada airport. public hearing last may the airport commission thanked mr. is service as u.s. navy seal app granted use of hangar for his new self-defense classes. again, businessed on skills he supposedly learned as navy sea seal. >> clear come
of the u.s. military. the biggest lie came when he tried to confront dickens face-to-face. >> he was the one that actually shot osama bin laden. >> you bought that? >> no. i knew this was a charade at that point. there was no question about it. >> i need to talk to you about your navy seal background. >> i don't have a navy seal background. >> told a lot of people that, didn't you. >> i did not. >> when i tracked him down in southern california, he wouldn't stop long enough to look at the dossier i come biled on him. all the phony facebook postings, e-mails with tall teals. fake discharge papers, the contract he signed guaranteeing he is a navy seal. >> a line of people are saying you scammed them out of a lot of money. >> no. >> a.j.'s next target, the carson city, nevada, airport. at a public hearing the airport commission thanked him for his service as a u.s. navy seal, and grant use of a hangar for his new self-defense classes again, based on skills he supposedly learn as navy seal. >> come around and shoot. >> he roared all of these promotional videos, and started running we
villages in the jungle. >> they received calls from the peruvian government and the u.s. embassy saying the two had been located. >> i am excited coming from them. that's awesome. that's really awesome. they have been a really big help with everything. i still want to hear my sister's voice. >> reporter: their family was more reserved in concord. >> we have no comment. the only comment is our family is working our butts off. >> reporter: his mother issued a written statement saying until we have proof of life we cannot celebrate these rumors and sight ings. proof of life is my son's voice on the phone and him holding the missing picture. com the couple was spotted in the next day or so. the peruvian official hopes to reach them by hydro plane and bring a satellite phone so they can call family members in california. abc7 news. >>> well, hardly a cloud in the sky, but that could change. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the live doppler 7hd tonight. sandhya? >> yes, dan, and as you mentioned there is not a lot showing up on live doppler 7hd, but things could be changing
and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful weather. high and low clouds. you will see reduced visibility because of the fog. be careful. it is a spare the air day for your saturday. low 30s to mid40s at 5:00 a.m. by 8:00 a.m. low 40s to low 50s. lisa argen will be here at 5:00 a.m. carolyn, dan? >> thank you so much. >> you might watch the super bowl to root for the 49ers, but millions will be tuning in to check out the commercial. >> shear a sneak peek at some. here is a sneak peek at some. >> ♪ if you see my reflection ♪ in the snow-coverd hill ell te ♪ well the landslide will bring it down ♪ >> joe, when are you going to put your id on-line? >> relax. it is not like anyone else will have the exact same idea that popped into my head. >> how do you know nobody else has thought of it, harry? >> they haven't, kelly. >> it
. this diver is dressed to win at the aquarium of the bay. and the crew on the u.s. georgee h.w. bush is currently in training somewhere in the atlantic, looking forward to the super bowl. you can e-mail your photos photo >> still to come at 11:00, the excitement as the hometown hero colin kaepernick gets ready for his super bowl. >> the move to bring major sporting events to the may area, and the bay area study that finds major connection >> ama: good evening. in tonight's headlines, police in fairfield continue to gather includes in the death of a 13-year-old girl. the victim was found naked in a park yesterday morning. he she was at school on thursday but never return to her foster parent' house. >> one person was and i would three injured at the oakland arts festival. it prompted police and festival organizers to talk about how to prevent it from happening again. >> man who may have suffered a heart attack was pulled to safety at the beach. surfers were the good samaritans saw the man in distress and came to his rescue. a doctor and nurse were on hand to give c
estate. >> the u.s. postal service is ending the saturday home delivery of regular mail this coming august. budget problems forced the decision which will save an estimated $2 billion a year for the post office. carriers will deliver priority and express mail packages and the mail will go to the po boxes. if the post office wanted to break even if it would have to charge $1.08 for a first class stamp. that's two and a half times what we pay now. >>> the care and feeding of orphaned black bear cubs. >> they use their teeth and claws. and they are just -- they are remarkable. >> the real life tahoe family devoted to giving these rescued cubs a second chance. >> and bad hair days. you might think there it is a joke, but the hair melt down can really affect your health. >> predictions this year? >> predictions? >> well, an early spring. >> and golfing with the stars. who is showing up for the pebble beach pro am. >> and then on "jimmy kimmle live." >> the wonderful ewin mcgreatest greger is here. i called you wonderful. anything you would like to shea? >> thanks. >> isn't he wonderful?
mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ a here's wake up weather grab umbrella heading out the door. cold showers chance of thunder snow levels falling and more snow maybe. mid 40's in the morning. we are here at 7:30 amtraking the storm with live doppler 7hd. >> thank you. update you now on the massive man hunt under way for former los angeles police officer suspected of murder sprae. >> authorities conduct door to door search for christopher dorner near big bear lake in the san bernardino mountains. he's suspected of killing at least 3 people including riverside police officer in revenge rampage. >> he wrote a manifest on facebook threatening revenge for being fired in 2008. >>ore on the"much more on the man hunt later on tonight. >> of course 7 news continues tomorrow morning with very latest on this at 4
town to escape a rape charge in fresno. investigators say 20-year-old spencer scar left the u.s. in december three days before a jury found him guilty. he was captured last week in mexico. tonight his father kyle who works for the chp accused of misleading investigators with bogus missing persons report and planting blood on the family driveway. his daughter and wife also face charges. whole family in trouble. >> new at 11:00 livermore mother who serbed time in prison for having sex with under age boys is now back in jail. 44-year-old christine hub sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2010. hub was dubbed hummer mom for the suv she used for sexual encounter. she was arrested friday in hayward on parole violation. authorities have not said what she did to get arrested or when she got out of prison. right now she's being held at the jail with no bail. >> tonight there is a call to suspend cal kabul coach mike montgomery for shoving a star player during last night game. it's coming from a state senator who also happens to be a graduate of uc berkeley. john is live for us at t
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